Mail Assure Help

Manage General Settings

The settings page contains a number of configurable settings including: the default settings for your purchased products; the administrator's contact details; the date and time format and timezone; chosen languages etc.

In the Admin Level Control Panel, click on General > Settings.

The following options/settings are displayed:

Available Products

Displays which products are available. You can choose to auto-enable each product for new domains that are created by ticking the box alongside the product.

Server Settings

  • 1-click Log In Script - Download a sample script which shows how to integrate the one-click log in feature into your own systems (e.g. custom control panel), allowing users to log in without the need for them to enter their password.
  • Administrator’s contact - Administrator's Email address
  • Support URL
  • Accepted method by Support URL - GET/POST
  • Parameter name to send username value to Support URL
  • Parameter name to send email value to Support URL
  • Logout URL
  • Timezone
  • Date and time format
  • Default language - The language used in the application
  • Available languages - Languages that will be available to users from the Default languages dropdown
  • Force secure (HTTPS) connections
  • Default Items per page - The number of items in search results tables per page.
  • Email notifications From address
  • Email notifications Reply-To address
  • APS to Control Panel access message

Default MX Hostnames

The default MX hostnames listed here are used by the MX Verification Tool to verify whether all of your domains have the correct MX records configured. See Update Your MX Records in Your Domain Provider's DNS Settings for instruction on how to enter the correct ones in your domain provider's DNS control panel.