Mail Assure Help

Manage Identities

In the Manage identities page, you can manage the identities that you have previously set up in the Manage Outgoing Users page. For example, if you see an identity is sending a lot of Spam, you can lock it here while you investigate the issue.

You can manage identities from the Admin level or the Domain Level. From the Domain Level you manage identities specific to the logged in domwin.

  1. In the Admin or Domain Level Control Panel, select Outgoing > Manage identities.
  2. Use the Query Rules panel to set up and save search filters for the identities you have set up in your domains.
  3. Use the Customise dropdown to choose which columns you want to show in your results. You must select at least one column from the following:
    • Domain
    • User
    • Identity
    • Lock time
    • Reason
    • Locked
    • Automatic unlocks
  4. Click on Show results to display the matching results.
  5. The identities are listed. Click on the dropdown to the left of an identity to choose from the following tasks:
    • Lock - If you select this, the identity will not be able to relay any emails until it is unlocked manually.
    • Unlock - Select this to unlock the identity.
    • Tip - You can enable automatic locking of identities. This means that if an identity sends approximately 5 spam messages in 10 minutes, it will be locked automatically. You can configure this in the Outgoing User Settings page:

      Go to Outgoing > Manage Users and select Edit from the dropdown alongside the user. The Outgoing User Settings page is displayed. Select Yes in the Lock identities automatically dropdown. See Manage Outgoing Users for more information on locking.

    • Reset the count of automatic locks - Resets the automatic lock counter back to 0.