Mail Assure Help

Incoming Filtering

From the Incoming Filtering area you can carry out a variety of tasks related to the filtering of your incoming mail.

What do you want to do?

  • Filtering Technology - Discover how Mail Assure 's filtering technology works.
  • View Incoming Bandwidth Overview - View graphical representation of bandwidth usage as a total and per domain.
  • View Incoming Delivery Queue - View emails that are being queued when not accepted by the destination server.
  • View Global statistics - View incoming statistics over a specified time-frame for all the domains you manage, in graphical and tabular format. Includes General Accuracy percentage and Spam ratio of Spam emails to all filtered emails. It also shows the following Metrics: Not Spam messages; Unsure messages; Spam messages blocked; Viruses blocked; Whitelisted and Blacklisted - and shows the Bandwidth required for each metric and the number of messages in each category. Access this from the Admin level Control Panel.
  • Incoming Whitelist Filtering Rules - View existing and create new rules to always allow specific mail at the domain level.
  • Incoming Blacklist Filtering Rules - View existing and create new rules to always block specific mail at the domain level.
  • View Incoming Log Search - Filter on incoming mail and report on the data available.
  • Create Email Scout Report - Create and email scheduled or one-off report based on your filtered log search results.
  • View Spam Quarantine - View inbound mail that has been blocked and quarantined and take action where necessary.
  • Message Queueing - View your incoming messages that have been temporarily rejected before reaching the destination server and placed in the Incoming Delivery Queue. You can reply to emails in the queue if required.
  • Manage Domain Aliases - Set up and manage your domain aliases.
  • Configure Domain Settings - Configure various settings including: the primary contact email address; email notification From address; logging for invalid recipients and Rejected local part characters.
  • Manage Destinations - Add and check your destination mailserver route(s)
  • View Domain Statistics (Incoming) - Check domain statistics including spam ratio, spam messages blocked, viruses blocked, whitelistings/blacklistings etc.
  • Manage Quarantine Filter Settings - Enable/disable the Quarantine and manage Quarantine filter settings for incoming mail.
  • Train Spam - Upload messages you want the system to treat as spam.
  • Train Not Spam - Upload messages you want the system to NOT treat as spam.
  • Report Spam
  • Clear Callout Cache - Incoming - Clear the domain's incoming callout cache.
  • Incoming Whitelist Filtering Rules - Domain Level - Set up Whitelist filtering rules for your domain.
  • Incoming Blacklist Filtering Rules - Domain Level - Set up Blacklist filtering rules for your domain.