Mail Assure Help

View Domain Overview

In the General panel, click on Domains Overview.

The domain Overview contains a table which lists all of your domains. It displays the following columns:

  • Domain column - Displays the domain name. The green boxes represent the products that are enabled for the domain (mouseover a box to see the product it represents).
  • Aliases - Displays all of the aliases set up for this domain. All emails sent to any of your domain aliases are sent to the same user on your main domain. Set up your aliases from the Incoming panel > Domain aliases in the Domain's Control Panel. See Manage Domain Aliases.

Click on the dropdown to the right of each domain to see the following menu:

  • Configure - Opens the domain's Control Panel. See Domain Level Control Panel. You can also click on the domain itself to do this.
  • Manage products - Choose which products you want available to this domain: Incoming Mail, Outgoing Mail and Archiving. Deselecting a product removes the panel from the Domain Control Panel and the options relating to that product will no longer appear.
  • Protection status - Check the domain's protection status for the following:
    • Destination routes
    • MX routes check
    • Check routes for open relays
    • Catch-all status
  • Valid recipient count - Displays the number of valid recipients/mailboxes in the domain for which the system processed emails in the last seven days.
  • Transfer to an admin - Transfer the domain to another admin user.
  • Telnet - Use Telnet to test the connection between the filtering server and the destination route set for this domain.