Changing user properties in JSON-RPC API

To modify a backup user, use the ModifyUser method. You can change the following properties:

  • Re-assign the user to another customer
  • Change the users name, title, email address or phone number

Usernames and passwords cannot be changed.

Required parameters

Parameter Description Supported values
userInfo A group of parameters related to the user See below table for child parameters

Optional UserInfo child parameters

Parameter Description Supported values
Id (required) The ID of the user whose properties you want to change Int
Name A login name for the user (must be the same as the EmailAddress) String

The ID of the customer the user is created for (retrieved through the GetPartnerInfo method)

RoleId The ID of the role the user will be given (retrieved through the enumerateUserRoles method) Choose Int that correlates to the role below:
  • 1 - SuperUser
  • 2 - Administrator
  • 3 - Manager
  • 4 - Operator
  • 5 - Supporter
  • 6 - Reporter
  • 7 - Notifier
ContactPersonId The ID of the contact person that this new user will be associated with Int
EmailAddress The email address of the user (must be the same as the Name given) String

The first name of the user

FullName The surname of the user String
Title A title given to the user of the user String
PhoneNumber The phone number of the user String

Sample request

    "visa": "33491-50121-1-1512736778-A99E8BAC8AC82XXXXX0000000XXXXXXXXXXXX00000",
    "method" : "ModifyUser",
    "params" : {
	    "userInfo" : {
		    "Id" : 987654,
		    "FullName" : "Demo"

Sample response

    "id": "jsonrpc",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": null,
    "visa": "33491-50121-1-1512736778-A99E8BAC8AC82XXXXX0000000XXXXXXXXXXXX00000"