Adding customers in JSON-RPC API

To add customers, use the AddPartner method. Customers are added one at a time.

Required parameters

Parameter Description Supported values
partnerInfo A group of parameters related to the partner See below table for child parameters
createDefaultAccount The type of account to be created
  • True
  • False

Optional PartnerInfo child parameters

Parameter Description Supported values
Name (required) The name to assign to the customer String
ParentId The ID of the parent customer Int
Level The level of the customer in the hierarchy tree (must be lower than the level of the parent customer)
  • Undefined
  • Distributor
  • SubDistributor
  • Reseller
  • EndCustomer
ServiceType The type of service provided to the customer
  • Undefined
  • AllInclusive
  • SoftwareOnly
ChildServiceTypes The type of service the customer company can provide to its own customers
  • Undefined
  • AllInclusive
  • SoftwareOnly
State The current state of the customer
  • Undefined
  • InProduction
  • InTrial

The location that the customer is assigned to (it is used to set a default storage pool for the customer's devices).

Normally, the location is identified automatically by the country in which a customer is located (the Country parameter), but you can specify it yourself as well.


You can get the list of available locations using the EnumerateLocations method


Properties the customer has configured

  • Undefined
  • HasCustomBranding
  • HasCustomUpdatePackages
  • UnsubscribedFromTrialNotifications
  • CanInvoiceOthers
  • Count
Company A group of parameters related to the company
  • PostAddress (has child parameters of its own)
  • PhoneNumber
  • FaxNumber
  • WebsiteAddress
  • LegalCompanyName
  • ChamberOfCommerceNumber
  • VatNumber
  • BankAccountNumber
  • BillingContactPersonId

All support string format

Sample request

    "id": "jsonrpc",
    "visa": "33491-50121-1-1512736778-A99E8BAC8AC82XXXXX0000000XXXXXXXXXXXX00000",
    "method": "AddPartner",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "params": {
	"partnerInfo": {
		"ParentId": 33491,
		"Level": "EndCustomer",
		"ServiceType": "AllInclusive",
		"ChildServiceTypes": [
		"Name": "Smart Telecom Arkansas",
		"Country": "US"

Sample response

    "id": "jsonrpc",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": {
	"result": 55806
    "visa": "33491-50121-1-1512736778-A99E8BAC8AC82XXXXX0000000XXXXXXXXXXXX00000"