Scheduled emails in Backup Management Console

You can schedule the delivery of email reports on recent backup and recovery activities. Both the body of the message and the subject field are customizable.


A user account of the distributor, sub-distributor, reseller or end-customer level is required.

The following needs to be added to the SPF Record for the domain:


Be aware if you use a custom sender address you will will need to verify the address by clicking on a verification link that arrives in the configured email address's inbox. If this does not happen then you will not receive any backup related emails (Let's get started, Backup daily Dashboards, reports, email views etc.).

Setup instructions

  1. In the Device management module, configure a view for the report (you can select columns to display and apply filters).
  2. Open the view management menu and select Email view.
  3. Click Add schedule.
  4. Fill out the settings for the report delivery.
  5. Click Save to save the schedule or click Send it now to send the report straight away without saving the schedule.
  6. If using the Email View function, please note that these can only be sent to a user at the same level as the view was created. For example, if the view is created at the Reseller level, you will not be able to send it to a user at the End-Customer level.

Variables for the "Subject" field

You can customize the Subject field of your email reports with the help of variables.

  • View name (ViewName) - the name of the view the report is based on
  • Total number of devices (DeviceCount) – the total number of devices belonging to the customer
  • No backups (NoBackups Count) – the number of devices on which no backups have been performed yet
  • Completed (CompletedCount) – the number of devices on which the last backup session was successfully completed
  • Completed with errors (CompletedWithErrorsCount) – the number of devices on which the last backup session was completed with errors
  • In process (InProcessCount) – the number of devices on which a backup is currently running
  • Unsuccessful (UnsuccessfulCount) – the number of devices on which the last backup session was unsuccessful (has the "Failed" or "Not started" status)
  • Less than 24 hours ago (LastBackupLess24Count) – the number of devices on which the last backup was performed less than 24 hours ago
  • Less than 48 hours ago (LastBackupMore24Less48Count) – the number of devices on which a backup was performed between 24 and 48 hours ago

How it works

  • The report size is limited to 10 columns and 200 rows. All extra entries are automatically truncated.
  • The delivery timing is approximate. So if you set the delivery to 11 am, the report will be send between 10:30 am and 11:30 am.
  • The delivery is performed through a specialized mail service (Amazon SES), so no outgoing mail settings are needed.
  • The From field of all scheduled emails contains the address from your Custom Branding settings (the Edit customer dialogue). If no address is specified there, the address of your parent customer is used.

Log in to the Console under a SuperUser account to access the custom branding settings.