Adding Devices for Automatic Deployment

To add devices for automatic deployment, follow the below steps:

  1. In the home module, click Add on the toolbar.
  2. Set the type of backup to Servers or Workstations.
  3. Select the customer the device is for.
  4. Select the operating system
  5. Then set the installation method to Automatic deployment > Backup Professional.
  6. Select a backup profile (optional). Backup profiles let you configure multiple devices for backup simultaneously (learn more).
  7. Download the installation package from the download link and the installation package name.
  8. Do not change the installation package name from the one provided on your dialog. This is because the package name is a unique identifier for the specific customer and doing so would stop the installation from functioning appropriately.

  9. Run the downloaded installation package on the device where the backup is required.
  10. Ways to run the installation package:

    • Double-click on the installer executable
    • Submit the name of the installer to a terminal emulator or a software distribution system. For example: swibm#a73x00ad-d604-429e-bd87-f500004e755#5038#.exe

    Please note, the installer name will be specific to you.

See Automatic deployment of the Backup Manager for detailed instructions.