SolarWinds Backup Help

Restore Data

1. Log in to the Console under a SuperUser account.

2. Open the action menu for the domain and click the appropriate option from the menu

Action menu for Office 365 domains

3. Connect to the Office 365 domain with administrative account credentials.

Connect to Microsoft

4. You will receive a confirmation that the connection has been successful for the restore.

Connected to Microsoft (Confirmation)

During the restore, you will have the choice to remember these details for 24 hours after successful connection by ticking the remember my connection tick box in the upper right corner.

5. Select the account you wish to restore items from per data source

6. Select the type of data to restore per data source

7. Select restore location for items. You can choose an auto-generated location, the original location or a new location which you will be required to specify.

Restore location

If you are restoring a deleted account, you will not see the auto-generated location or original location options as these no longer exist. Instead you will be given a dropdown to select which account you wish to restore the data to.

When restoring Calendar items, these will not be placed back into the original calendar location. Instead these will be placed in a folder titled "Restored_DD-MM-YYYY", where "DD-MM-YYYY" is the recovery date, in the folder.

When restoring calendar items from a deleted mailbox, the restore location dropdown will show on the "Review and Confirm" page of the restore process.

Restore location for deleted accountCalendar restore location for deleted account

Selected items restored to the auto-generated location are restored to a new sub-directory created in titled "Restored_DD-MM-YYYY", where "DD-MM-YYYY" is the recovery date.

8. Confirm your intention to start the recovery and close the wizard

Selection queued for restore confirmSelection queued for restore confirmation

Cancel Restore

To cancel a currently running restore:

  1. View the devices View backup and restore job queue
  2. Click cancel to the right hand side
  3. Refresh the tab to remove the job

Only restores can be canceled, backups cannot.