Exchange Shared Mailbox Limitation

SolarWinds® Backup for Microsoft 365™ backs up licensed individual mailboxes and shared mailboxes. Backup does not charge a license fee for shared mailboxes, provided they are originally created as shared mailboxes.

Due to limitations in the current Microsoft® API, SolarWinds Backup for Microsoft 365 is not able to detect mailboxes that were originally licensed as individual mailboxes and later converted to shared mailboxes. Instead, such mailboxes appear to our product as unlicensed, individual mailboxes. As this is now an unlicensed mailbox, we will stop backing it up. If past restore points are retained, we will continue to charge for it, as we would any unlicensed individual mailbox with saved, recoverable data.

Unfortunately, SolarWinds is unable to resolve the detection issue without introducing security issues to Backup for Microsoft 365. Currently, we are working with Microsoft to try and solve it at the API level. If you are concerned about this issue, and want to add your voice to those requesting the API change, please vote for the change here: