Backup Continuity - Disaster Ready Testing (Beta)

SolarWinds Backup offers Disaster Ready Testing called Continuity (currently in Beta). This is an automated service where we will periodically restore data to a secure hosted facility located in the same geographical region as where the backup data is stored.

The Disaster Ready Testing restore is ran every 30 days and with each restore, a virtual machine is automatically created. Once the Virtual Machine has been created, we will boot it and create a screenshot to check that the Virtual Machine is bootable, then send this screenshot to the Backup Management Console so that users can check it.

Please be aware, these devices may incur monthly costs for Hosted Continuity Services once the Beta program is completed.


The following requirements must be met:

  • The device must be running one of the following Operating Systems:
    • Windows Server 2008 / R2
    • Windows Server 2012 / R2
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2019
  • You must back up:
    1. The full System State of the device
    2. The whole system disk – C:\ or another disk that has your operating system and that the OS boots from (the Files and Folders data source)
  • Be logged in to the console as a SuperUser
  • You must be within the geographic regions of:
    • Germany
    • United States
  • In cases where the device has been installed using Automatic Deployment you will be required to provide a passphrase instead of an encryption key.


  • Only devices with Backup Manager version 17.4 and above are supported for Disaster Ready Testing
  • Software-only devices are not allowed for Disaster Ready Testing
  • Continuity is not available for Managed Online Backup
  • Virtual Machines are not persistent and will be deleted right after the restore is finished and the screenshot taken
  • There is a size restriction of <= 500GB per device while the Disaster Ready Testing service is in Beta
  • Disaster Ready Testing restores only System State and Files and Folders

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