Re-installing automatically deployed devices

Normally, to re-install a backup device you simply need to repeat the installation. There is a difference only if the device was created and installed through automatic deployment. This is because nobody knows security codes for automatically deployed devices (they are generated by the system).

Here are steps to follow:

  1. Get a passphrase (instructions).
  2. Run the installation using the passphrase instead of the security code.

You can run the installation through the set-up wizard or in the silent mode.

Silent mode instructions

Silent mode can be used for both Windows and Linux. In the silent mode, three parameters are required:

  1. -user – the name of the device you are re-installing (copied from the Console)
  2. -password – the password associated with the device name (copied from the Console)
  3. -passphrase– a system-generated security code for automatically deployed devices.

The list of optional parameters is the same as for a new installation.

Here is a sample command on Windows:

mxb-windows-x86_x64.exe -silent -user "support_win_jab67v" -password "Secureh0982b2bxgt" -passphrase "914hahdgf-0000-example"

Here is a sample command on Linux: -- --user=" support_win_jab67v" --password=" Secureh0982b2bxgt" --passphrase=" 914hahdgf-0000-example"

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