Alternative Backup Manager installers for GNU/Linux

Some system administrators prefer using alternative installers instead of the recommended RUN installer. The file format you need depends on your Linux distribution:

  • DEB (for Debian or Ubuntu)
  • RPM (for CentOS, RHEL, and SUSE)

Both of the installers come in 32- and 64-bit versions. If unsure which installer version you need (i386 or amd64), check the bitness of your system first.

# uname -a

x86_64 in output means that you have a 64-bit system. It requires the amd64 installer. i386 stands for a 32-bit system that requires the i386 installer.

Installation steps

  1. Install the "libaio" library if you don't have it on your machine. This is necessary for the RPM installer only.

# yum -y install libaio

  1. Visit the "Downloads" page and download an installer for your system. The command is identical for both of the installers (wget). Here is an example for the DEB installer (32-bit):

% wget

  1. Run the installer you have downloaded.
    • DEB installer: # dpkg -i mxb_~linux-1_i386.deb
    • RPM installer: # rpm -ihv mxb-linux-1.i386.rpm
  1. Run and submit parameters for the current installation. Here is an example:

# /opt/MXB/sbin/ --user="admin-ubuntu-3a" --password=f701a2ca3255 --encryption-key="SECUR_ITY2014a" --use-proxy=false

You can submit the command with or without the parameters. If you skip entering the parameters, you will be offered to enter them one at a time at the next step.