Seed backup to network shares (prep steps)

To perform a seed backup to a network share or NAS on Windows, make sure the selected network resource meets either of these requirements:

  • It is openly available without authorization
  • One of its user accounts coincides with an account on your computer (the same username and password).

The Backup Manager normally uses the Local System account. This account may not give it network access. That is why it is necessary to switch to another account. It is done through the Services Console.

  1. Open the Services Console.
  2. Right-click the Backup Service Controller service. Choose Properties > Log On.

  1. Select the This account checkbox. Enter access credentials for the account that has access the network resource. This can be an account from the Administrators group or an account that exists both on your computer and on the target network resource.

  1. Right-click Backup Service Controller, and choose Restart from the context menu.

Now the network resource has become accessible to the Backup Manager. Please follow the general seeding instruction.