Set Bandwidth Limiting

By default, Backup Manager does not use any kind of bandwidth throttling or restriction between times. This can be set manually by enabling bandwidth limiting and restricts the maximum upload and download speed during backups and the times in which backups are permitted to start.


Reasons to enable Bandwidth Limiting

This can be useful if the device:

  • Is used heavily during certain hours
  • Has other programs installed which require exclusive access to databases or files
  • Has a slow internet connection

Feature availability

This feature is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux devices


There are two ways to configure bandwidth limitation, one through the Backup Manager GUI as detailed below and the other by using the set bandwidth remote command.

  1. Go to Preferences > Performance.
  2. Select Limit bandwidth checkbox.
  3. Specify times for the limitation to start and end
  4. Specify the maximum bandwidth during the specified times. These can be in Kbit/s or Mbit/s.
  5. Add the days in which you do not want any limitation.
  6. Specify any data sources you wish to abort or not start a backup for when the time frame provided above is reached.

    This feature is not available if the device is using a profile.

  7. Save the changes you have made.