Installation & Setup

Download the latest version from the Downloads page and run the installation on the device you wish to update. This will overwrite the existing installation, but preserve selections and preferences.

We do not have any best practices, as your usage of the product is all based on your customers' needs. If we recommend a specific setup as a best practice for one customer, it may not fit the needs of another.

There is no limit on the number of times you can guess this. If you cannot remember it and the device is still accessible, you can Convert devices to passphrase-based encryption.

Some settings can be changed within the configuration file by using the Set Settings command via remote commands.

Yes, you can. There can be one regular installation and any number of additional installations in the restore-only mode.

No. Unfortunately, device names and passwords are generated automatically and cannot be changed.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

You can test this by downloading and installing the Recovery Console and adding the device to this. Adding successfully means the devices encryption key is valid.

We do not have a minimum recommended upload speed but it must be more than capable of pushing the average amount of data changed daily.
We would suggest that you determine the average daily changes and then check the bandwidth is appropriate.

Yes, this can be changed in the Customize branding section of the Customer Management edit customer dialog box. By default the address used is

The Backup Manager does not use its own VSS writers, but instead uses system VSS writers supplied by the operating system.