Enable debug logs

Debug logs are logs with an extended logging level. They can be helpful to support engineers when the application logs are insufficient to investigate an issue. Debug logs can be enabled for both Backup Manager and Recovery Console. For steps on enabling debug logs for Recovery Console, see the Advanced settings in Recovery Console page.

Here is how to enable debug logs:

  1. Stop the backup process (view instructions).
  2. Open the Backup Managerconfiguration file (where to find configuration file).
  3. Add a new section with the following content to the configuration file:
  1. Start the backup process.
  2. Try to reproduce the issue.
  3. Compress the "logs" folder and send it to the support team.

The location of the "logs" folder depends on your operating system, you can find the logs for Backup Manager here:

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\MXB\Backup Manager\logs
  • GNU/Linux: /opt/MXB/var/logs
  • macOS: /Library/Logs/MXB/Backup Manager/logs

Please do not forget to disable debug logging when the issue is resolved. It will save your disk space.

  1. Open the configuration file and delete LoggingLevel=Debug section from it.
  2. Restart the backup process.