Proxy settings for configuration file

You can configure a proxy connection through the Backup Manager (Preferences > Proxy) or through the config.ini file. The list of parameters for config.ini is available below.

Section Parameter Definition Supported values
[General] UseProxy This setting prompts the Backup Manager to connect to the Internet through a proxy server.
  • 0 (do not use a proxy connection) – default
  • 1 (use a proxy connection)
[General] ProxyType The type of the proxy server
  • 0 or HTTP for an HTTP proxy
  • 1 or SOCKS4 for a SOCKS4 proxy
  • 2 or SOCK5 for a SOCKS5 proxy
Important: if you enter the name of a proxy type, make sure you use capital letters.
[General] ProxyAddress The address of the proxy server IP address or host name, for example or
[General] ProxyPort The port number of the proxy server Number
[General] UseProxyAuthorization Prompts the Backup Manager that the proxy requires authorization by username.
  • 0 – the proxy does not require authorization (default)
  • 1 – the proxy requires authorization
[General] ProxyUsername A username for access to the proxy server Text, for example domain\username or username
[General] ProxyPassword A password for access to the proxy server Text