Virtual disaster recovery to VMware VMDK

The virtual disaster recovery feature lets you create a VMware machine in a local directory and recover your system there.

You will find the following files in the target directory after recovery:

  1. VMX - the primary configuration file, that can be opened with VMware Player/Workstation.
  2. VMDK - a virtual disk file, that stores the contents of the virtual machine's hard disk drive. The number of VMDK disks equals the number of hard drives in the source system.


Before you initiate virtual disaster recovery to VMware VMDK, make sure both of the systems involved are supported and properly configured.

  • Source system – the system that has been backed up with the Backup Manager and is now going to be recovered.
  • Host system – the system that the recovery software is installed on. It can coincide with the source system.


Post-recovery steps

The local VMDK files created by the virtual disaster recovery have the "VMware workstation 8" format. Such files cannot be copied to the ESXi. You need to convert them to an appropriate format using the VMware vCenter Converter.