Virtual disaster recovery to Hyper-V

You can perform virtual disaster recovery to Hyper-V targets. Hyper-V machines created for virtual disaster recovery purposes contain one or several virtual disks (their number equals the number of hard disks you have backed up). The disks have the VHD or VHDX format. The format is determined by the version of Hyper-V and the system updates installed on your computer. Generally, VHDX disks are created on Hyper-V generation 3.0. VHD disks are created on Hyper-V 2.0.


Before you initiate virtual disaster recovery to Hyper-V, make sure both of the systems involved are supported and properly configured.

  • Source system – the system that has been backed up with the Backup Manager and is now going to be recovered.
  • Host system – the system that the recovery software is installed on. It can coincide with the source system.


Booting Hyper-V machines after recovery

When the recovery process is completed, you can boot the virtual machine.