Continuous Restore mode for virtual disaster recovery

You can perform virtual disaster recovery on request or set it to the Continuous Restore mode when data recovery is synchronous with backups performed in the source system.


The Continuous Restore requires a dedicated computer or virtual machine that must not be used for other purposes (learn more).

Enabling the Continuous Restore mode

Backup Manager instructions

  1. Set the Backup Manager to the restore-only mode (if it is not installed in the restore-only mode).
  2. Go to Continuous restore > Virtual disaster recovery.
  3. Click Enable continuous restore.
  4. Select a recovery target and configure your recovery preferences. Click Restore.

Recovery Console instructions

The Continuous Restore mode is the predefined option in the Recovery Console. You can manage the setting for each device through the Continuous Restore checkbox.

Using virtual machines in-between restore sessions

The target virtual machine is not supposed to be in use while the Continuous Restore mode is active. If your recovery software detects that the virtual machine was started in-between restore sessions, further restores get blocked and a warning message appears. This is done to prevent possible data loss.