Continuous Restore in Recovery Console

The Continuous Restore mode is the predefined option in the Recovery Console. You can manage the setting for each device through the Continuous Restore checkbox.

The Continuous Restore requires a dedicated computer or virtual machine that must not be used for other purposes.

If you click 'Launch BM' before configuring continuous restore as above, you will find the content of the tab is greyed out and you cannot make any changes. Please enable continuous restore first before launching the Backup Manager GUI.

Continuous Restore can also be enabled by installing Backup Manager in restore-only mode. Information on configuring this from Backup Manager can be found here: Continuous restore in Backup Manager.

Using virtual machines in-between restore sessions

The target virtual machine is not supposed to be in use while the Continuous Restore mode is active. If your recovery software detects that the virtual machine was started in-between restore sessions, further restores get blocked and a warning message appears. This is done to prevent possible data loss.