Advanced settings in Recovery Console

You can access some advanced settings through a configuration file belonging to the Recovery Console (config.ini). The file is created automatically during the Recovery Console installation.

Editing configuration file

  1. Open the Recovery Console installation folder. Find the configuration file inside ()

C:\Program Files\RecoveryConsole\config.ini

  1. Enter appropriate settings to the [General] section.
  2. Save the changes and close the file.
  3. Restart the Recovery Console to apply the settings. Note that the only way to quit the application is by right-clicking the "R" icon in the notification area and then clicking Quit in the context menu that opens.

Supported parameters

For all recovery targets

Parameter Definition Unit of measurement Supported values Recommended values Default value
RecoveryConsoleSessionCheckIntervalInMinutes The Recovery Console regularly checks for new data available for recovery. All devices for which the Continuous Restore setting is on are checked that way. The checks are performed for one device at a time. So if there are 5 devices and the checking interval is set to 5 minutes, each of the devices will be checked every 25 minutes. Minutes Whole numbers (1 or more) 3 or more (checking too often may result in a high network load) 5

There is some pre-recovery processing to be done before the start of a recovery session. It can take from several minutes to several hours depending on the backup history of the device (the longer the history, the more processing needs to be done). First-time processing operations usually take the longest.

You can customize the maximum amount of time the pre-recovery processing can take. If the limit is exceeded, the session gets canceled.

The Recovery Console keeps track of canceled and failed sessions. After 2 such successive sessions, it stops trying to recover data from the device until a user edits the restore settings.

Hours Whole numbers (1 or more) 1-24 24
VdrRunningFpLimit You can customize the maximum number of devices that can be recovered simultaneously. Backup device Whole numbers (1 or more) Start with 3-5 and increase the number gradually if the performance of your workstation or server allows it. 5

For VMware ESXi and Hyper-V targets

Parameter Definition Unit of measurement Supported values Recommended values

Use this setting to customize the number of system log events to display in email notifications created after the completion of a virtual disaster recovery session. The count starts from the newest events.

To create a notification, you need to enable the Start the virtual machine after restore and take screenshot setting in your virtual disaster recovery settings and then create an event-based notification rule in the Cloud Management Console.

Log Count Any whole number 100
VdrVmBootDelayInSeconds Use this setting to customize the Virtual Machine boot delay Seconds Whole numbers (1 or more) -
VdrVmBootTimeoutInSeconds Use this setting to customize the Virtual Machine boot timeout Seconds Whole numbers (1 or more) -

Enable debug logging

Here is how to enable debug logs:

  1. Open the configuration file as above
  2. Add a new section with the following content to the bottom of the configuration file:

[Logging] LoggingLevel=Debug

  1. Restart the Recovery Console.
  2. Try to reproduce the issue.