Bare metal recovery guide

The Bare Metal Recovery is a specialized tool for restoring the whole operating system with its configuration and software to new hardware. No prior OS installation is necessary.

The technology relies on a custom recovery distribution running from a bootable media. Bare metal recovery is similar to virtual disaster recovery in that they both use Windows File System and System State backups to rebuild a failed Windows system.

The bare metal recovery is a Windows technology. It involves several different computers:

  • The source computer – the hardware that has failed or requires replacement for some other reason.
  • The host computer – the hardware on which a bootable media is created for bare metal recovery purposes. The host computer can coincide with the source computer.
  • The target computer – the hardware that you want to recover the source system to.

Alternative solutions

If the target computer does not meet the requirements or if you cannot allocate a separate computer for the recovery, please consider the following alternatives:

  • Performing virtual disaster recovery. This feature is based on virtual disk creation and does not have any particular hardware requirements.
  • Installing the operating system on the target computer manually and then performing standard data recovery (any data sources except for the System State).

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