Group management in Backup Management Console

A group refers to a customer or a department within your own company.

When you open the Group management module in the Console, you will find your own company at the root level. Your groups are displayed below.

To view or manage devices belonging to a certain group, go to Device Management and select the group in the Group list.

Types of groups

Groups are organized in a hierarchy with Distributor at the top level.

Access to some modules in the Backup Management Console is based on the type of group. See the table below for the details.

Module or feature Distributor Sub-distributor Reseller End-customer
Automatic deployment and generating passphrases (in Device management module) Unavailable Available
Backup profiles
Group management Available
Device management (all features except for automatic deployment and generating passphrases)
Historical charts
User management

Access to features within a module may require a certain user account type (learn more).

Adding groups

To add a new group to the system, do the following:

  1. In the vertical menu, click Group management.
  2. Click the Add group button.
  3. Fill out the fields and click Save.

Further steps you can take:

  • Give the group access to the Console. For this purpose you need to create user accounts for people (or teams) from the group. You can create all the necessary accounts yourself or create just one administrator account and let in-house administrators create the rest.
  • Give the group access to the backup and recovery service. You need devices for this purpose. They can be added by you or by an administrator from the group through the Device Management module.

Removing groups

You can remove only those groups that do not have any devices and groups of their own.

  1. Point your mouse to the name of a group.
  2. Click the trashcan icon that appears next to the name.
  3. Confirm your intention to proceed with the removal.

Editing groups

To access group editing options, point your mouse to the name of a group and click the pen icon that appears next to the name.

You can change the settings that you configured when creating the group and access some more settings.

  • Rename the group. Please keep in mind that group names are sometimes required for authorization. So users from the group will need to update their access credentials for the Cloud.
  • Change the group properties (parent group, level, service type).
  • Fill out the company profile (address, website and billing info).
  • Add the names of people to contact and their contact details.
  • Register past and upcoming communication activities with the group.
  • Customize branding. Brand the backup software with your company name, logo, color scheme and icons.