Data export in Backup Management Console

You can export monthly device statistics to MS Excel. The resulting files have the XLSX format supported by MS Excel 2007 and greater versions.

Export files created by the Console contain all the data that is currently displayed in the Devices table. If the data spans across multiple pages, all the pages are exported.

Here is how to export data from the Console:

  1. From the Group list, select the group to export statistics for.
  2. If needed, apply filters to change the list of devices displayed. Note that you cannot use checkboxes to select devices for export.
  3. From the Columns list, select the columns you want to export.
  4. Click the Export button on top of the Devices widget.

  1. Configure your export preferences.
    • Layout. You can export all the statistics to one file (the "Solid" option) or create a separate file for each of your groups ("Divided by group").
    • Export month. You can export statistics for the current month or select any other month and year.
    • Options. Use this setting to customize the default data size format.
  2. Click Download and find the file(s) in your Downloads folder.