Enable Backups

To enable a new Exchange or OneDrive device or to add a new service to an existing domain for Office 365 backups, add the domain to the Backup Management Console.

  1. Log in to the Console under a SuperUser account.
  2. Click Add > Office 365.

  3. Adding Office 365 account to Console
  4. Select the 'Group' from the customer tree and select either:
    1. Add existing Office 365 domain

    2. Office 365 setup (add service to existing Office 365 domain)
      1. Select the domain name from the dropdown
      2. Select the service to add to the domain
    3. Create new Office 365 domain

    4. Office 365 setup (create new domain)
      1. Enter the domain name for the Office 365 domain to add
      2. Select the service to configure
      3. You will have opportunity to add extra services at the end of this process, or come back later to add these.

  5. Click Connect to enter your Office account credentials.

  6. Connect to Office 365 through ConsoleMicrosoft authorization page (Enter Admin credentials)

    If you do not see the authentication page, make sure your browser is not blocking pop-up windows.

  7. Accept the required permissions.

  8. Confirm access permissions for application
  9. When the connection is established, click next.
  10. View the Exchange or OneDrive Accounts found in the domain and select the required data to backup. Use the switch at the bottom to enable or disable automatic backup of new accounts or sites.
  11. Do not click next until you have made a selection. This can be edited later to add or remove backup for accounts.

    • Exchange
      Mailboxes in Office 365 domainMailboxes in Office 365 domain selected

    • OneDrive
      Accounts in Office 365 domainAccounts in Office 365 domain domain selected
  12. Confirm the backup selection made

    • Exchange
      Office 365 confirm selection - Exchange
    • OneDrive
      Office 365 confirm selection - OneDrive
  13. The domain or service with your selection has been successfully added. If you do not wish to add other services now, click close and you will now see the device added to your list of devices.
  14. You can add further services by clicking the Add OneDrive or Add Exchange button at the bottom of the "Confirm backup" screen or by using the Add function.

    • Exchange
      Office 365 selection confirmed - Exchange
    • OneDrive
      Office 365 selection confirmed - OneDrive

Changed and deleted Exchange items are backed up every 4 hours. Changed OneDrive items are backed up every 6 hours.