System state recovery instructions

  1. Install the Backup Manager device that was used for System State backups (we recommend restore-only mode).
  2. (for domain controllers) Reboot the machine in Directory Services Restore Mode.
  3. Recover the System state data source.
  4. When the recovery process completes, reboot the machine to apply the changes.

After that you can switch Backup Manager to the full backup and recovery mode to continue backups on the new computer.


System state cannot be restored for Linux devices. To restore a Linux system:

  1. Install the correct Linux distribution
  2. Install Backup Manager in restore-only mode:
    1. Run installer by itself:
      • ./

    2. After putting in the device name, password, and encryption key, choose option R for restore-only mode
  3. Open Backup Manager and restore only the files and folders that you want to recover

      It is not possible to recover system files to a running system, as this will cause system instability