Network shares

The Network Shares data source lets you back up data from a local network. At the moment the feature is available on all Windows devices.

Solutions for Mac and GNU/Linux

If you want to back up shared network drives on a Macintosh or Linux device, you should mount them first (connect to your computer) so Backup Manager can recognize them as the Files and Folders data source.

There is no common way to mount a network share on Linux, that is why Linux users should follow instructions for their distribution.

Network shares versus Files and folders backup

Backing up data on a shared network drive is almost the same as backing up files and folders on the main computer (the one that Backup Manager is installed on). There are only two differences:

  • Network shares often need user authorization.
  • Network shares do not support the backup of open files (because the Volume Shadow Copy Service used for that purpose is unavailable on the network).

What's inside