N-central Help

View and regenerate two-step verification backup codes

After signing in to SolarWinds N-central, a list of ten backup codes displays. These backup codes are automatically generated for you to use if you are in a location where you do not have access to your mobile device when signing in to SolarWinds N-central. Copy these backup codes to a safe but accessible location. You can only use each backup code once. They are not time-sensitive and will not expire, unless they are regenerated.

For more information, see Two-step verification.

If you have misplaced your list of backup codes, you can still view the list and regenerate it if necessary.

  1. Log in to SolarWinds N-central.
  2. Click to view your profile.
  3. Click the User Details tab and click Show Backup Codes.

The backup codes appear. Write them down and store in a secure and accessible location.