N-central Help

Apply an AuthAnvil authentication to a user

Configure user accounts to use AuthAnvil two-factor authentication. AuthAnvil authentication uses a combination of a PIN and a single-use password provided through a security token. The single-use password cannot be re-used and is impossible to duplicate or forge. By adding AuthAnvil authentication to an account, the user must sign in to the account with their conventional password and the AuthAnvil authentication credentials.

Before adding AuthAnvil two-factor authentication, you need to configure SolarWinds N-central to integrate with AuthAnvil by creating an AuthAnvil Two-Factor Authentication Profile.

  1. Administration > User Management > Users.
  2. Click the Name of a user account.
  3. Click the User Details tab, then User Information.
  4. In the Access area, click the check box for Use Two-Factor Authentication.
  5. Click AuthAnvil and select the user name to use during login.
  6. Configure the session time out duration.
  7. Click Save.

The user is now configured with AuthAnvile two-factor authentication. When the user logs in they will be prompted for the appropriate credentials.