N-central Help

SolarWinds N-central Services


SolarWinds N-central services monitor customer devices, generate email alerts and PSA tickets, and enable technicians to view the status of devices and troubleshoot errors. The table below is a comprehensive list of all available services. For more information on the SolarWinds N-central, see the topic About SolarWinds N-central Services.

Active Directory F-Secure AV Central Management Printer Page Count (HP)
Active Directory 2012 DRA F-Secure AV Definitions Printer Paper Supply Level
Active DSOs (Cisco) F-Secure AV Firewall Management Printer Status
Agent Status F-Secure AV Protection Printer Toner Level
APC PDU F-Secure AV Scan Results Printer Conf Changes
APC UPS F-Secure AV Software Updates RAID Battery Status (Dell)
APC UPS Humidity FTP RAID Controller Firmware (Dell)
APC UPS Temperature Generic Integer (SNMP) RAID Controller Status (Fujitsu)
Application Compliance Generic ODBC RAID Status (Adaptec)
Asigra Backup Service Generic SQL Server RAID Status (Dell)
AV Defender Behavioral Scan Events Generic String (SNMP) RAID Status (EqualLogic)
AV Defender Status Generic TCP RAID Status (HP)
AV Defender Security Event Guest Status (VMware) RAID Status (Vmware)
AV Status HKLM Registry Query (Integer) S.M.A.R.T. Status
MSP Backup Status HKLM Registry Query (String) SCOM Computer Alerts
Backup Manager Events HTTP SCOM Distributed Application Alerts
Backup Manager Status HTTPS Security Logs
BackupExec Hyper-V 2008 Guest Status Server Temperature (Dell)
Battery Status (NetApp) Hyper-V 2012 Guest Status Server Temperature (HP)
BES Message Status Hyper-V Health Server Temperature (IBM)
BIOS (Dell iDRAC) IIS Server Temperature (Intel)
CA Replication Events IIS Application Pool Server Temperature (VMware)
CA Replication Scenario IIS ASP.NET Monitoring Sessions (Fortinet)
CCM Call Manager Status IIS Website Metrics ShadowProtect
CCM Conference Registration IMAP ShadowProtect SPX
CCM CTI Registration Interface Health SharePoint 2010 ASP.NET
CCM Gateway Registration Intrusion Detection SharePoint 2010 ASP.NET Application
CCM Group Table (Cisco) ISA 2000 SharePoint 2010 OSS Search Indexer Plugin
CCM MGCP Gateway ISA 2006 SharePoint 2013 ASP.NET
CCM Phone Juniper ScreenOS Sessions SharePoint 2013 ASP.NET Application
CCM Phone Registration Juniper Secure Access Concurrent Users SharePoint 2013 Foundation
CCM Table (Cisco) Lexmark Hopper Status SMTP
CCM VoiceMail Registration Lexmark Paper Jam SMTP Queues
Chassis Intrusion (Dell iDRAC) Lexmark Tray Status SNMP
Cisco Connections License Compliance SonicWALL Connections
Cisco Unity Express Mailbox Licensing Status (VMware) Spare Drive (NetApp)
Citrix Presentation Server Local IP SQL Database Information
Clustered Fail-over Status (NetApp) Log Analysis (Appended) SQL Memory Manager
Connections - Watchguard Log Analysis (Batch) SQL Server
Connectivity Logical Drive (Adaptec) SQL Server Locks
Connectivity (VMware) Logical Drive (Dell OM 2.2 ) SQL TCP Availability
CPU (ADTRAN) Logical Drive (Fujitsu) SQL Transaction Information
CPU (Cisco) Logical Drive (Intel) SSH
CPU (Fortinet) Logical Drive (VMware) Stack Status (Cisco StackWise)
CPU (Juniper ScreenOS) Lync Front End Switch Status (Cisco StackWise)
CPU (Juniper Secure Access) Lync Mediation System Battery Status (Dell iDRAC)
CPU (NetApp) Maintenance Mode (VMware) System Change
CPU (SonicWALL) Memory (Juniper Secure Access Service) System Check-In
CPU (VMware) Memory (Fortinet) System Replacement
CPU (Watchguard) Memory (Local, API, SNMP, WMI) System Warranty
CPU Service (Local API, SNMP, WMI) Memory (SonicWALL) Telnet
CPU Status (Dell iDRAC) Memory (VMware) Temperature Probe (Dell iDRAC)
CPU Status (Fujitsu) Memory Status (ADTRAN) Temperature Status (Cisco)
Datastore (VMware) Memory Status (Cisco) Temperature Status (Dell iDRAC)
Device Health (ADTRAN) Memory Status (Dell iDRAC) Temperature Status (EqualLogic)
DHCP Active Queue Length Memory Status (Fujitsu) Temperature Status (Fujitsu)
DHCP Server Memory Status (HP) Temperature Status (NetApp)
Disk (Fortinet) Memory Status (IBM) Terminal Server
Disk I/O Memory Status (Juniper ScreenOS) Time-to-Stale
Disk Service (Local API, SNMP, WMI) Memory Status (VMware) Traffic
DNS NetBotz Airflow Untangle - Firewall
DNS Performance Counters NetBotz Audio Untangle - IPS
Ethernet Errors NetBotz Dewpoint Untangle - Phish
Exchange 2003 NetBotz Door Switch Untangle - Protocol Fiter
Exchange 2007 Store Size NetBotz Humidity Untangle - Router
Exchange 2007/2010 NetBotz Temperature Untangle - Spam
Exchange 2007/2010 Delivery Queue Network Card (Dell iDRAC) Untangle - Spyware
Exchange 2013 Delivery Queue NNTP Untangle - Virus
Exchange Database 2016 Oracle DB Query (Number) Untangle - Web Filter
Exchange Database Latency 2013 Oracle DB Query (REGEX) Uptime
Exchange Database Store Mount Status Overall VPN Status (Cisco) Veeam Failed Jobs
Exchange Database 2013 Patch Status Veeam Job Monitor
Exchange Delivery Queue Physical Drive (Adaptec) Veeam Sure Job Monitor
Exchange Processing Time Physical Drive (Dell iDRAC) Veritas
Fan Status (Cisco) Physical Drive (Dell) VNC
Fan Status (Dell) Physical Drive (EqualLogic) Volume (EqualLogic)
Fan Status (EqualLogic) Physical Drive (Fujitsu) Volume (NetApp)
Fan Status (Fujitsu) Physical Drive (HP) VPN Tunnel (Cisco)
Fan Status (HP) Physical Drive (Intel) Windows Applications and Services Log
Fan Status (IBM) Physical Drive (NetApp) Windows Backup
Fan Status (Intel) Physical Drive (Vmware) Windows Event Log
Fan Status (NetApp) Power Supply (Cisco) Windows Firewall AMP
Fan Status (VMware) Power Supply (Dell iDRAC) Windows Firewall Profiles
File Size Power Supply (Dell) Windows Firewall Status
File System (NetApp) Power Supply (EqualLogic) Windows Firewall Status (XP, 2003)
Firewall (Check Point) Power Supply (Fujitsu) Windows License Status
Firewall (Cisco) Power Supply (HP) Windows Server Clock Drift
Firewall (FortiGate) Power Supply (Intel) Windows Server Cluster Groups
Firewall (SonicWALL) Power Supply (NetApp) Windows Server Cluster Network Interfaces
Firewall (Watchguard) Power Supply (VMware) Windows Service
Firewall (ZyWALL) Printer Cover Status Windows Terminal Server
Folder Info Printer Display Windows UAC Settings Status
Frame Relay Printer Page Count