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RAID Battery Status (Dell) service

The RAID Battery Status (Dell) service monitors the state of batteries of the RAID controller. A Raid Controller can have more than one Battery.

Once an alert is received on this service, the user can run a Walk on . to find the relationship between the Battery Index and corresponding Controller.

Basic service information

Manufacturer/Public Information
Service Type SNMP
Discovery OID . (BatteryConnectionNumber)
Supported Systems/Applications RAID configured Dell with SNMP enabled.
Solarwinds N-central Specific Information
Known limitations N/A
Max Instances on each device 100
Supported Device class Windows / Linux
Notification Profile N/A
Monitored by Windows and Linux agent, Windows probe


Issue Corrective Action
misconfigured Ensure you have the correct SNMP credentials.


OID used
Supported Values Calculations/Threshold Mapping Default Thresholds Notes

The status of the battery is mapped as:

  • Normal: 1
  • Warning: 0,6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 36
  • Failed: 2, 21

The meanings of the statuses:

  • 0: Unknown
  • 1: Ready
  • 2: Failed
  • 6: Degraded
  • 7: Reconditioning
  • 9: High
  • 10: Low Power
  • 12: Charging
  • 21: Missing Off The battery's name as represented in Storage Management.