N-central Help

What are scheduled tasks

Scheduled Tasks enable you configure SolarWinds N-central to perform specific maintenance functions and tasks for a one-time or on a recurring basis. Setting the tasks on a schedule eliminates the need for you to remember to do them yourself, freeing time to give your attention to more important needs. Scheduled tasks can run across multiple customers or sites and take full advantage of filters to best target specific devices.

To access scheduled tasks, click ConfigurationScheduled TasksAdd/Delete.

If scheduled tasks appear grayed out when viewing at the Customer or Site level, the task was created at the SO level. It cannot be edited at the lower levels.

A Scheduled Task Profile will stop running if the probe associated with the profile is moved (for example, after moving a device). To continue running the profile:

  • Install another probe in the environment
  • Modify the rule that the scheduled task profile is associated with to reengage the probe. This can be as simple as renaming the rule.

If the SolarWinds N-central server is in different a time zone than the devices that it is managing, scheduled tasks run according to the time zone of the target devices.

Task interaction with agents and probes

You can setup scheduled tasks using a Windows agent (if available) and/or a Windows probe for some scheduled tasks. If the Use Agent where available, otherwise use Best available probe option is not selected, the selected Windows probe will be used even if the device has a Windows agent.

The interaction between a scheduled task and Windows agents will be carried out as follows:

  • The task identification is defined by the Task Name field for devices without Windows agents. Devices with Windows agents will have their device name added to the end of the task name.
  • If an existing scheduled task monitored by a Windows probe is modified by selecting additional devices, any devices with Windows agents will have individual tasks run on them using the agents. The device names are added to the end of the task name. This does not apply to scheduled tasks that are monitored only by Windows agents.

What type of schedule task to you want to create?