N-central Help

Add a security manager full scan task

Security Manager scan tasks enable you to perform security scans on selected devices. A full scan is a comprehensive scan of the target device using AV Defender that incorporates exclusions. It checks the entire device for all types of malware including viruses, spyware, adware and rootkits.

This type of scan can take action when security threats are detected.

This procedure can only be performed at the Service Organization level or Customer level.

  1. Click ConfigurationScheduled Tasks > Add/Delete
  2. Click Add > Security Manager Scan > AV Defender Full Scan.
  3. Type a descriptive Task Name to identify the task.
  4. Click the Targets tab and selected the devices targeted for the policy task by selecting specific devices or using a filter.
  5. Click the Schedule task and set a time when SolarWinds N-central runs the task.
  6. Recurring tasks will not have the option to configure an Execution Window. If a device is offline at a scheduled date and time, recurring tasks will be run at the next scheduled date and time in their schedule.

  7. Click the Notifications tab and configure SolarWinds N-central to send a notification upon the successful completion of the task, or if the task fails to complete.
  8. Click Save.

The scheduled task is saved to the repository. SolarWinds N-central runs the task at the configured time. When complete, and if configured to do so, SolarWinds N-central sends a notification to the selected recipients in the format defined by their user profile.

If you choose to edit the task, the edits may not be applied to the task if it has been initiated. Edits are applied to completed tasks only if they are recurring tasks.