N-central Help

Upgrading to This Release

To upgrade, your SolarWinds N-central server must be running one of the following versions:

  • N-central 10:
  • N-central 10 SP1:
  • N-central 10.1:

Before you upgrade, make sure you back up your data consistent with a date range for your Report Manager and N-central servers.

Important Upgrade Notices

Please note the following important notices before upgrading.

Windows 10 Support

If you are using Backup Manager, note that SolarWinds N-central 10.2 does not certify Windows 10 support at time of this release.

Patch Schedules through Maintenance Windows

Patch events can now be scheduled in Maintenance windows for added flexibility and increased control. Please note the following:

  • When you upgrade to 10.2, any scheduling currently done through Patch Profiles are transitioned into Maintenance Windows automatically. If you had applied your profile using a Rule, the windows will be created in that Rule and distributed accordingly. If you have applied a Patch Profile manually, the windows will be created at the device level.
  • If you have accidentally targeted two or more Patch Profiles at a given device you will find multiple patch windows applied to your devices. To avoid this, review your Patch Profile distribution before upgrading. If your upgrade results in device level Patch windows being applied to some devices, they can be cleared along with all other device level Maintenance Windows from the All Devices view under Add Task > Maintenance > Clear Device Level Maintenance Windows.


If you are currently monitoring StorageCraft® backups using the custom service provided on the N-able Resource Center, you may experience lost data in your Report Manager Executive Summary and Data Protection reports after upgrading to SolarWinds N-central 9.5 from an SolarWinds N-central release earlier than Version 9.4. This is due to the transition in monitoring between the custom service and the integrated version of the service.

To avoid any potential loss in data, perform the following:

  1. Before upgrading:
    1. Ensure that you are using the most current version of the monitoring service and script found on the N-able Resource Center.
    2. Upgrade Report Manager to Report Manager 4.2 Hotfix 2.
    3. Ensure that ETL is scheduled in Report Manager for every hour.
    4. Ensure that data exports are taking place normally.
    5. Configure the automatic update settings for your Agents to Never.
  2. Upgrade your SolarWinds N-central server.
  3. Configure your managed devices in SolarWinds N-central during a period of time when no backups will take place. This time period must be at least two (2) hours in duration and can be referred to as a "No Backup window".
  4. Wait one (1) hour to ensure that all data has been exported.
  5. Select several devices.
  6. For the selected devices, disable all StorageCraft ShadowProtect monitoring services using the Active Issues view at the beginning of the "No Backup" Maintenance Window.
  7. For the selected devices, upgrade your Agents.
  8. Confirm that the Agents have been upgraded and allow the new monitoring service to be applied.
  9. Once this is confirmed, delete the superseded service that has been disabled.

    If you are concerned with historical data, delay this step for as long as required.

  10. If any Agent has not been upgraded and the new service was not added before the end of the "No Backup" Maintenance Window, you will need to re-enable the monitoring service and cancel the Agent upgrade in order to avoid any potential data loss.
  11. If you have any questions or concerns about this procedure, please contact SolarWinds MSP Technical Support at 1-877-655-4689, by email at support@n-able.com , or by accessing the self service portal at http://support.n-able.com.

Review the following checklist before proceeding with upgrading to this release.

Category Notice Reviewed


Scheduled Tasks may expire if the Agent on an associated device is being upgraded when the task is scheduled to be completed. Agent upgrades are normally short in duration but may be delayed if a re-start of the device is pending.

You can upgrade to SolarWinds N-central 12.1 through the SolarWinds N-central Administrator Console (NAC) under Setup > Central Server > Version Management. This allows you to upgrade either by using the system upgrade file that has been automatically downloaded by the SolarWinds N-central server or by downloading the appropriate .nsp file from the N-able Resource Center under Support > Software Downloads.