Fixed Issues in SolarWinds N-central

Release 12.3 HF2

Category Description Bug
Core Analytics Data Export Causes Increased CPU Usage NCCF-13213
Core macOS Agent Fails to Upgrade As It Stores The New Installer In /tmp NCCF-13207
Core NcentralAssetTag can be ignored on discovery, creating duplicate device NCCF-13182
Core macOS Agent and S1 Removed When macOS Agent Upgrades Itself NCCF-13178
Core Upgrade from 12.1 to 12.3 Was Allowed To Proceed, Even Though It's An Unsupported Upgrade Path NCCF-13164
Core Mobile Devices Tab Crashes Browser Tab at System Level NCCF-13102
Core Unable to View or Add Notification Triggers Due to Devices With Duplicate Names and URIs NCCF-13018
Core Hovering Over a Service in the All Devices View Shows All Services NCCF-12815
Core N-central Stability Affected by Under-Optimized Filter Code NCCF-12758
Core Improve The Security Of The JSESSONID Cookie By Utilizing The HttpOnly Flag NCCF-10415
Core Upgrades of N-central Don't Give The Default Administrator Role "Manage" Permissions to the Integrations Menu KUIP-1246
Core Upgrade to 12.3 Fails When the Default Administrator Role Isn't Present KUIP-962
PSA Autotask Tickets Created by N-central Aren't Being Closed When The Service Returns To Normal NCCF-12511
EDR Logic Flaw In Discovery Could Cause EDR To Become Misconfigured Or Unintentionally Removed KUIP-1257
EDR N-central Fails to "Take Over" Standalone Installs Of EDR KUIP-1215
EDR The Initial Install Of EDR Gets Cancelled If The Device Is Offline Overnight KUIP-1191
EDR The License Usage Report Generates a System Error when N-central Cannot Retrieve EDR Licensing Information KUIP-1025
EDR Integrated EDR Deployments Aren't Upgrading from v3.6.x to v3.7.x KUIP-1021
EDR Integrations -> Integration Management Incorrectly Shows EDR as Trial Instead of Active KUIP-1005
EDR Integrations -> EDR -> Dashboard Fails To Load At The SO Level KUIP-986


Release 12.3 HF1

Category Description Bug
Core Submit Queue Causes Devices to Fail to Come Out of Downtime NCCF-13022
Core Exporting the All Devices View as a CSV Doesn't Include All Devices NCCF-13002
Core Jetty Stability Issues Caused By Incorrect "MetaspaceSize" Value NCCF-12799
Core Can't save Organization/Device level Custom Properties entries NCCF-12798
Core Notifications Aren't Generated Due to Maint Timer 1 Hanging NCCF-12746
Core Service import failure during upgrade NCCF-12744
Core N-central backup does not store Network Security settings NCCF-12719
Core Server Offline Caused By Duplicate activenotificationtriggerticketdetail and notifonnormalticketdetail Entries NCCF-12607
Core All Device View Loads Unacceptably Slowly On Busy Systems NCCF-12564
Core All Agents use a fixed password to talk to XMPP on n-central NCCF-12394
Core N-central Backup Does Not Properly Clean Up if FTP Transfer Fails in Active Mode NCCF-12305
Monitoring Unable to Configure a Discovery Job to Use VMware Credentials that end in ".local" BEAT-1333
NetPath After Rebuilding/Restoring N-central, NetPath Shows a "An Unknown Error Has Occurred Try Again" Error Message BEAT-1137

Release 12.3

Category Description Bug
Core System Error When Attempting to Delete a Mobile Device. IAV-625
Core JETTY request logs are rolling over by day not size, this is filling up the /var/log folder. NCCF-12755
Core N-Central Upgrade Fails, and reports "Error installing database". NCCF-12690
Core CVE-2020-7984 - Authentication Vulnerability in N-central Agent Registration (public PoC). NCCF-12687
Core Azure VM Agent Doesn't Get Installed on N-central. NCCF-12591
Core Autotask PSA Integration - Setting Devices to "Inactive" Does Not Work. NCCF-12559
Core System Error When Updating The Thresholds Of A Custom Service. NCCF-12556
Core Upgrades to N-central Fail Due to a Logic Issue Related to Modifying the Default Parameters of the Connectivity Service. NCCF-12504
Core HTTPS Incorrectly Reports a Failed State When Monitoring a Website That Requires Credentials. NCCF-12492
Core Tools -> Applications Isn't Updating Due to an Unhandled Exception. NCCF-12465
Core Filtering the Administration > User Management > Users Page With Certain Characters Generates a System Error. NCCF-12340
Core Hovering Over a Service in Dashboards Isn't Displaying Misconfigured Service Instances. NCCF-12333
Core Upgrade From 12.2.x to 12.2.y Fails Due to Permission Issues with Jetty. NCCF-12326
Core Security Update: Creating a new Customer now has enhanced checks around access groups. NCCF-11652
Core Security Update: Address the logging of Self-healing custom credentials in specific situations. NCCF-11450
Core Security Update: Use HTTPS for download of the third party software provided by SIS server. NSBM-3281
Core Security Update: Enhance session security mechanisms, strengthening protections against session brute-forcing attacks. NCCF-6924
Core NCSAI Lost Track of it's PID and Lock Files When the Service Startup Was Cancelled.. NCCF-12304
Core Unable to Save/Propagate Site-Level, Organization Custom Property. NCCF-12282
Core The "Recent Tickets" Widget Does Not Work When N-central Is Integrated With Marval. NCCF-12212
Core System Error in Netpath When Clicking on the "License Usage" Link. NCCF-11807
Core Service Metric scan detail chart X axis legend will vary from JavaScript to PDF. NCCF-11582
Core Windows Agent Crashes and Erroneously Uninstalls the Take Control Agent. NCCF-12230
Core Unable to use the @ symbol When Entering VMware Credentials in a Discovery Job. NCCF-12228
Core System Error When you Turn off PSA Integration and Subsequently Create a New Customer. NCCF-12210
Core Upgrade to 12.2 SP1 Fails Due to Duplicate "Web_UrlIp" and "Web_UrlIP" Records. NCCF-12183
Core N-central's loginLoginAction.action Page Throws a 500 Error. NCCF-12177
Core Improper PID and OS Signal Handling in NKO Causing Intermittent NOS Start/Stop Failures and Upgrade Failures. NCCF-12169
Core Installing a New Windows Agent or Windows Probe Fails, and Logs an "Unable to Communicate with Server" Error. NCCF-12130
Core Scheduled Tasks Fail Due to the Windows Agent Changing the Filename To Short-Filename. NCCF-11921
Core Bulk editing a Custom Property is limited to 100 characters. NCCF-11905
Core Backup process is not checking for /tmp/initial_install, resulting in backups running during install/OS Upgrade. NCCF-11875
Core Direct Support's TLS Configuration Causes a System Error when attempting to retrieve files with Tools -> File System. NCCF-11858
Core Upgrade of N-central Failed Due To The NOS Initscript Performing Invalid Return Code Comparisons. NCCF-11851
Core NableCommandPromptManager64.exe crashing. NCCF-11831
Core N-central Fails To Generate a CSR If The "Division or Business Unit" Field Is Empty. NCCF-11822
Core Device-Level Audit Trail Erroneously Shows Two "Service Monitoring" Entries. NCCF-11816
Core VMware Services Misconfigured Due to Issue in the Data Retrieval Logic. NCCF-11805
Core Downtime from "Unscheduled Downtime" will resume service scanning if you disable/enable the service. NCCF-11785
Core Unable to View Long Instance Names When Configuring the Service Metrics Report. NCCF-11771
Core The "Event Description" Column Isn't Present in the CSV Export of the Windows Event Log Report. NCCF-11767
Core Connectivity Service fails when increasing packet size. NCCF-11761
Core System Error when accessing domain in Domin User Management. NCCF-11759
Core Device Export to PSA Not Occurring When The Export Profile Targets Unlinked Customers. NCCF-11725
Core Custom Branding Allows for Disallowed File Types (BMP and ICO) to be Uploaded. NCCF-11712
Core Edge not listed as one of the supported browsers. NCCF-11711
Core Filtering for Scheduled Downtime Does Not Consider Customer/Site Downtime. NCCF-11708
Core The Associations Tab of Scheduled Task Profiles Takes Unnecessarily Long To Load. NCCF-11707
Core Deleting a Printer from the Tools -> Printers Menu Fails. NCCF-11697
Core N-central Sends Out Notifications About "Attended Remote Control Trial Period Expiring". NCCF-11695
Core Serial Number Isn't Being Discovered on HP iLO Cards. NCCF-11684
Core The ShadowProtect Service Shows An Incorrect "Last Successful Backup Date". NCCF-11673
Core 'Replace or auto-rename' pop-up window doesn't appear for the second try. NCCF-11670
Core New Customer creation does not trigger access group check for restrictions. NCCF-11652
Core Services Monitored By the N-central Server Report a Stale Status. NCCF-11623
Core HTTPS services are failing after upgrading to NCCF-11622
Core Exception Thrown When The macOS Agent Submits Asset Data to N-central. NCCF-11620
Core Add URL redirect logic to Probe when using Connectivity service monitoring. NCCF-11610
Core Unable to Configure a Service Metrics Report for the NetPath Service. NCCF-11535
Core Dashboards Sorted Differently In The Dashboard Menu vs. The "Manage Dashboards" Page. NCCF-11530
Core Missing Input Validation on the "Server Address" Field for CSR Generation. NCCF-11517
Core N-central Performance/Stability Affected by a Process Deadlock. NCCF-11493
Core Self-Healing On the HTTPS Service Reports An "Invalid Credentials" Error. NCCF-11479
Core Self Healing for Hyper-V Guests Doesn't Work When Guest Name Contains Quotes. NCCF-11449
Core N-central Doesn't Update the Manufacturer Field for Cisco Devices. NCCF-11420
Core AMP-Based Monitoring Services Reporting Stale Due to An Artificially Low Thread Limit. NCCF-11393
Core Device Does Not Perform An AV scan After Missing Its Scheduled Time. NCCF-11364
Core Custom PSA: Ticket is reopened if previous resolution has not been acknowledged. NCCF-11362
Core The "Move Device" Wizard Takes Too Long to Load the Probe Selection Menu. NCCF-11306
Core Fan Status (VMware) Service Goes Misconfigured, Due To An Unhandled Exception When The Hardware Sensors Are Not Available For Fans. NCCF-11276
Core An Active Notification Trigger Isn't Re-activated When Devices Come Out of Downtime. NCCF-11164
Core Agent/probe upgrade MSIExec check is susceptible to internationalization errors. NCCF-11154
Core N-central Imports iDRAC Cards as "Servers - Linux" Devices Instead of "Servers - Management Interface". NCCF-11092
Core Unable to launch Automation manager logged with Google SSO. NCCF-8731
Core When Generating a New CSR, The Jetty Timeout Is Too Short. NCCF-7488
Monitoring Windows Application and Services Log Fails to Detect Events Due To a Null Pointer Exception. NCCF-12258
Monitoring System Error on Interface Health Service. BEAT-1138
Monitoring Windows Applications and Services Log: Entries in the "Event ID Exclude" Field Are Not Saved. BEAT-1060
Monitoring Veeam Job Monitor often reads 0kb backup size. BEAT-985
Monitoring The HTTPS Service Reports a Failed Status on Websites That Do Not Support TLS 1.2. BEAT-921
Monitoring An Incorrect Timeout Value Causes the Connectivity Service to Transition Between Failed and Stale. BEAT-906
Monitoring The APC PDU Service Isn't Getting Auto-Applied Through Service Templates. BEAT-855
Monitoring By Default The DNS Service Tries To Resolve "". BEAT-429
Monitoring The WSFC Monitoring Services Don't Use the "Run PS Script" Object. AM-2204
Topology Maps 500 (Server Error) Displayed When Trying to Access a Topology Map. BEAT-1107
Topology Maps Map Showing Unnecessary Additional Devices and Not Honoring the "Ignore ICMP" Setting BEAT-1068
Topology Maps Incorrect Customer Name In Topology Map BEAT-953
Topology Maps Unable to Switch Between "Recurring" Topology Maps BEAT-904
Topology Maps When Configuring a Subnet Range, The Topology Job Wizard Doesn't Accept .0 as the Last Octet of the IP Address. BEAT-903
Automation Manager Global Variables Returning Empty Values. AM-2222
Automation Manager Numerical results in Automation Manager showing incorrectly in some OS locales. AM-2007
Automation Manager "Set Default Browser" object removing .html associations. AM-2001
MSP Backup MSP Backup Status is intermittently failing on multiple devices due to an error parsing the StatusReport.xml. NSBM-3742
Patch Manager Devices Not Displayed in the All Devices View Due to Unnecessary Instances of the "Old" Patch Status Service. NCPM-4224
Patch Manager Message boxes are not suppressed during PME installation. NCPM-4173
Patch Manager Clean up PME log files. NCPM-4148
Patch Manager Windows Probe Cannot Download Patch Files when TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are Disabled. NCPM-4115
Patch Manager Unhandled Exception In Patch Management Can Cause The Windows Agent To Crash. NCPM-4078
Patch Manager System Error When Moving Devices Between Customers. NCPM-4057
EDR Profiles are duplicated in the drop down of device config/rules etc. KUIP-920
Security Manager System Error When Clicking Into the "Security Events" Service. IAV-731
Security Manager The Device Selection Widget in the Recovery Key Report Isn't Sorted Alphabetically.


Security Manager The Disk Encryption Status Service Considers "Unencrypted" To Be a Failure Instead of a Warning. IAV-530
Security Manager The Disk Encryption Report Doesn't Have Pagination. IAV-528



The "Retrieve Recovery Key" Button Returns An Incorrect BitLocker Recovery Key. NSBM-3641
Security Manager License Usage Report Shows Incorrect Values for the Number of Consumed Disk Encryption Licenses. NSBM-3634