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Fixed Issues in SolarWinds N-central

Release 12.1

Category Description Bug
Core Changing the PSA Device Export Settings would generate a System Error. NCCF-9782
Core When applied through a Service Template, AMP-based Self-Healing is executed with the default parameters, instead of the configured parameters. NCCF-9736
Core The SolarWinds N-central Linux Kernel has been updated to address an issue where under certain circumstances, on certain dual core virtual machines, the second core could be placed into a powered-off state. NCCF-9434
Core An Error in How Licensing Limits are Calculated prevents the addition of new Customers. NCCF-9363
Core Windows Agent Fails to Download it's Upgrade Installer from the Windows Probe. NCCF-9312
Core Linux Agent was experiencing a Buffer Overflow on Devices with long df command output. NCCF-9212
Core SNMP Services were reporting Failed instead of Misconfigured when no data was reported. NCCF-9203
Core Linux Agent Upgrades/Installs were failing due to a libgloox dependancy. NCCF-9201
Core Linux and Mac Devices Were Not Displaying USB Controllers or RAM Slots. NCCF-9194
Core Shadow Protect Data Reader wrongly determines that Shadowprotect is installed. NCCF-9160
Core The Smart Status Service isn't getting Auto-Applied. NCCF-9151
Core Email Notification contains (visible) html tags. NCCF-9085
Core MSP Manager Device Export Causes Maint Timer 3 to Lock. NCCF-9064
Core 404 error when modifying Access Groups and Roles in a new tab. NCCF-9043
Core After upgrading to 12 SP1, upgrade queue appears to have hung. NCCF-9039
Core Exports to Report Manager were failing due to Data Truncation errors. NCCF-9009
Core N-central agent module upgrade delays for 90 minutes if module is missing. NCCF-8911
Core SQL Server 2012 - 2014 missing a space in service name. NCCF-8859
Core Notification Template does not handle multiple "DeviceProperty" tags. NCCF-8833
Core Rule maintenance schedule warning about older agents, also checks the probes none updated versions, causes message to show when it should not. NCCF-8810
Core 12.0 releases does not support OSX/Linux installations when n-central has multiple customers with the same name. NCCF-8807
Core "RuleReapplicationBundle" creates second transaction. NCCF-8791
Core Error while updating user with legacy MD5 password. NCCF-8779
Core Scheduled notification sent report includes all recipients that are available, not just the ones selected. NCCF-8771
Core Logical drive discovery is missing in Linux agent implementation. NCCF-8769
Core SSO imported user has empty string value for "passwordmd5" field in DB NCCF-8768
Core Sorting in exported PDF License Usage report is using ??, which throws off customer/site name sort. NCCF-8720
Core Remote Control on Essential remains off when switch to Professional mode fails. NCCF-8681
Core Application Version does not properly check for version. NCCF-8663
Core Scheduled tasks not running when "DevicePropertyModify" is change via Custom API. NCCF-8662
Core AMPs fail if they are configured to use Device Credentials. NCCF-8655
Core Custom Log Scan services fail to scan until agent restarted and check reset. NCCF-8654
Core Sorting Scheduled Tasks by Name does not work. NCCF-8644
Core Notification help tool tip does not explain No Repeats. NCCF-8638
Core Unable to SSH if probe and device are at different levels. NCCF-8634
Core Interface health labeling convention doesn't match Traffic naming convention. NCCF-8582
Core Device Move from Customer to Site removes default Customer rule association even when applicable. NCCF-8576
Core Private dashboards not visible on customer level. NCCF-8561
Core Opening of videos "Architecture Overview" and "Feature Fundamentals" in 'Training Videos' fails. NCCF-8556
Core Mail relay changes are not being logged anywhere. NCCF-8539
Core "Click here for help" button is not leading anywhere after Failed MDM CSR Generate. NCCF-8517
Core Change of configuration type on Connectwise results in error in case questions on new config type differ from old. NCCF-8510
Core My Links for one user created at one Customer are displayed in a separate Customer. NCCF-8509
Core Notifications Sent Report - missing data. NCCF-8502
Core Settings aren't stored after saving when adding a service template. NCCF-8482
Core b12_0_0_357: Agent Crash: Faulting module name: "clr.dll". NCCF-8453
Core CSV exported Detailed Asset Report missing information. NCCF-8448
Core Create ticket via Audit Trail does not work for Marval. NCCF-8374
Core Agent Fails to obtain "NAPreInstaller.exe" from probe cache. NCCF-8302
Core Two notifications being sent, before and after the disconnected status. NCCF-8298
Core Mac and Linux Agents lose connection when second server IP is invalid. NCCF-8274
Core CustomPsa & RBP: Device overview not working with device based access group. NCCF-8223
Core System Error is occurred when trying to create [ SO | Customer | Site ] item with 100 characters in name. NCCF-8215
Core HDM - NullPointer in logs during Customer Mapping. NCCF-8087
Core Enable Outbound Communication after a restore does not schedule Report Manager exports. NCCF-7952
Core Failing Resetting password through DUM shows: Unknown. NCCF-7678
Core Probe discovery tries to use WMI even though SNMP configured. NCCF-7397
Core Automation Manager Incorrectly Reports "The Automation Policy you wish to execute was created against an earlier version of Automation Manager and is no longer supported". NCCF-6867
Core Changes in "appliancetaskdeleted" Table Are Not Reverted After Transaction Is Rolled-back. NCCF-4325
AV Defender Extra data in "INSTALLATION OVERVIEW BY CUSTOMER" table of "AV DEFENDER STATUS" report in SO level. NSBM-2305
AV Defender "AV DEFENDER STATUS" report displays only part of devices in "VERSION BREAKDOWN" section. NSBM-2314
AV Defender Status under Security Manager tab is not correctly reflecting installation status when product is uninstalled. NSBM-2411
MSP Backup AV Defender State of 0(Ignored) shows up as "--" instead of providing "ignored". NSBM-2460
MSP Backup MSPBackup profile not sent to Agent when installing backup manager. NSBM-2317
MSP Backup Device page to load very slowly when MSP Backup profile is 0 ("manual settings"). NSBM-2322
MSP Backup "MSPBackup resync" script needs to be enhanced to gracefully handle backup "accountID" change. NSBM-2328
MSP Backup System level access group is not synced with cloud which may cause dashboard not showing devices. NSBM-2390
MSP Backup Device version might not be discovered by Agent and the null version could cause null pointer exception. NSBM-2422
Patch Manager All Device view EDIT section using wrong on-click parameters. NCPM-3755