N-central Help

End of support

The following are being deprecated in a future release of SolarWinds N-central:

Transport Layer Security (TLS) A future release of SolarWinds N-central will start disallowing traffic over TLS 1.0. This will cause any Windows Agents or Windows Probes that are running on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, as well as pre-v12.1 versions of the MacOS agent, to lose the ability to communicate with your SolarWinds N-central server. We strongly recommend using a Windows Probe to monitor those devices.
Internet Explorer 11 Due to declining usage in the field, a future release of SolarWinds N-central will drop support for the Internet Explorer 11 web browser.
Pager and SMS Services In an upcoming release of SolarWinds N-central, the SMS Services and Pager Services features will be deprecated. Any user accounts with a Notification Method that utilizes those services will need to be updated to use an alternative delivery mechanism for notifications.
Agents As of next major release for those of you still utilizing the AV5 Bitdefender Antivirus be advised that monitoring from our AV5 agents will no longer continue. As a result this will leave your environments in a vulnerable state. We encourage you to review your agents to ensure you are now utilizing our latest AV6 agents. Reminder that our online help for Security Manager is available on the NRC.