N-central Help

Install SolarWinds N-central as a guest on an ESX server

  1. Create a new virtual machine using the following settings:


    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7 (32/64-bit)

    Do not enable paravirtualization.

    Virtual Disks

    Thick Provision


    Size according to tables in the System Requirements.

    Network Adapter


  2. Mount a disk or network file system to access the installation CD .ISO image.

    Ensure that the VMware guest is configured to use the mounted disk or network file system as a boot disk.

  3. Start the new VM.
  4. At the installation prompt, type install and press Enter.

    If you are not prompted for network information, SolarWinds N-central was unable to locate a network card. The installation will finish, but you cannot log in. To resolve this issue, verify that the server has a compatible network card.

  5. Select the type of network configuration. SolarWinds MSP recommends Manual address configuration.
  6. Select OK and Enter.
  7. If you selected Manual address configuration, enter the IP Address and Netmask, select OK and press Enter.
  8. In the Miscellaneous Network Settings screen, enter the Gateway, Primary DNS and
    Secondary DNS addresses.
  9. Click OK and Enter.
  10. In the Hostname Configuration screen, select the hostname configuration.
  11. Click OK and Enter.
  12. In the Time Zone Selection page, select your time zone. UTC is recommended.
  13. Save and confirm the procedure.