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Third-party software patch list

The table below lists the third party patches available through Patch Manager.

The Windows agent communicates with the probe to determine what third-party applications can be updated. The agent obtains a list of applications from the probe and compares it to the software installed on a device. The agent determines what applications on a device need to be updated, and sends the list of available software updates needed on the device to SolarWinds N-central to be approved by the administrator.

For more information on how Patch Manager provides third-party patching, see Patching third-party software.

SolarWinds N-central Patch Management supports the most current available patch and its associated operating system.
Patching supports both 32-bit and 64-bit options from the vendor if available, unless otherwise noted.
Vendor Application Name Disables Pop-ups Prevents internet updates
7-Zip Seven-Zip    
  Adobe Acrobat X    
Acrobat XI    
Reader MUI N/A in-app notifications are stopped Yes
Reader Yes Yes
AdobeAIR N/A in-app notifications are stopped  
Acrobat Reader DC Yes Yes
Flash ActiveX Yes Yes
Flash Plugin Yes Yes

Flash Player:

  • PPAPI (Chrome, Opera)
  • NPAPI (FireFox)
  • ActiveX (IE, Edge)
Shockwave Yes Yes
Google Chrome N/A, the auto- update is silent Yes
GoogleEarth Yes Yes
Mozilla Firefox    
Firefox ESR N/A N/A
Foxit Foxit Enterprise Reader    
Apple iTunes    
  Oracle Java 6    
Java 7 Yes Yes
Java 8    
Oracle releases updates with even and odd numbers. Odd numbered releases are critical patch updates, while even numbered releases are fixing specific issues. SolarWinds N-central Patch Management provides patching updates for the odd numbered patches only. For more information on Java patch types, see Java CPU and PSU Releases Explained.


Opera Opera    
Opera Chromium    
Skype Skype    


TeamViewer 12, 13, 14    
VLC VLC Media Player    
WinRAR WinRAR    
WinZip WinZip N/A in-app notifications are stopped Yes