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Reorder automatic approval rules

Re-arrange automatic patch approvals to define which patch approval action takes effect first. Re-arranging rules enables you to review and plan how patches are rolled out to your customer’s environments. Re-arrange approval rules into a desired order by dragging and dropping them in the Automatic Patch Approval Rules screen.

Rearranging automatic approval rules enables you to:

  • see what you have configured that affects devices on multiple levels at the same time,
  • review and make rules more efficient by reducing the number of automated approval rules to configure,
  • minimize the number of rules and ensure they run in the desired order. For example, you can ensure that a specific declined rule (decline Java 8 updates) can be placed before a general approve rule (approve all patches, which does include Java). This way, the decline rule runs before the approve all rule, preventing the Java update.
  1. Click ConfigurationPatch Management.
  2. Click Automatic Approvals.
  3. Click and drag the rules to the desired order.
  4. Hold the Shift or Control keys to select and move multiple rules at the same time if they are for the same customer or site. If you select two rules for different customers will not be moveable.

  5. Rules that are created from higher levels are not moveable. For example, at the Customer level, you cannot move an SO level rule. You can however, move a Customer level rule from the SO level.

  6. Click Save.

SolarWinds N-central executes the auto approvals in the configured order. The Run Rule Now feature also respects the rule ordering. For more information see the help topic Automatic patch approvals.