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How to set up a Mac Mojave device for Take Control

With the release of Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), Apple introduced a new security requirement for all remote support solutions, including Take Control. When this security setting is enabled you can take control of the remote device, otherwise you can only observe when connected. This security setting cannot be configured remotely.

Before attempting to connect to a Mac device running Mojave, the user with administrator rights on the local computer must setup the security setting.

After applying these settings, Take Control will be able to remotely control the computer. Where these settings were applied during an active session and you experience control problems, close the Take Control session and then reconnect to the Mac.

The first time you initiate the Take Control connection to the remote Mac running Mac OS 10.14, an Accessibility Access (Events) dialog displays. The dialog only displays one time per application during the first connection attempt, even if the application is uninstalled then reinstalled. Work with the user who has administrator rights on that remote Mac to complete the following steps:

  1. Click Open System Preferences.

  2. Navigate to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility
  3. Click the padlock in the lower left of the window to unlock and allow changes.

  4. Select the Take Control check box in the main window.
  5. Close the Security & Privacy window.

How to grant access when the Accessibility Access (Events) dialog does not display

Where the Accessibility Access (Events) dialog did not appear, or if the Mac administrator user wants to change their selected options (for example accidentally selected Deny), they can configure the setting directly.

  1. Navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.

  2. Click the padlock in the lower left corner to unlock and allow changes.
  3. Select the Take Control check box in the main window.
  4. If Take Control does not display but is installed on the computer:
    1. Click + below the main window.
    2. Navigate to the Applications folder.
    3. Select Take Control.
    4. Click Open.
    5. Take Control should now appear in the main window for selection.
  5. Close the Security & Privacy window.