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KBA70005: MSP Connect: URL Too Old

Knowledge Base Article #: 70005
Applicable Versions: N-central 10.2 and above
Date Created/Updated: April 12, 2016


When you initiate an MSP Connect session in N-central, you will receive an error message if the N-central server's time is more than five (5) minutes off Coordinated Universal Time (even after conversion from respective time zone).

When a connection is requested, a time stamp is generated in N-central. The Viewer contacts MSPA servers and this time stamp is validated. If it is more than 5 minutes off, the request is discarded, and you must correct the Date and Time settings on the N-central Server.


To verify if this is the problem, connect to the server and run the date or date-u command to return the current time.


To correct this synchronization problem, under Network Settings, click Synchronize to sync the time with the set time server.