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KBA11008: Master or Replica Intermittently Disconnects or Connection Reset

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Applicable Versions:

CA ARCserve RHA R16

Date Created/Updated:

June 21, 2012


Replication occurs across the network. As a result, network issues or restrictions can often influence RHA's ability to replicate data across the network.

Here is an example of such an error:

The following issues can cause this:

  1. Multiple data streams are being used on a local network or WAN with limited data streams.

    To resolve this issue, select a single data stream.

  2. The environment is encountering network-related issues.

    This can be confirmed by reviewing the SolarWinds N-central Agent status, connectivity or windows event logs.

  3. MTU restrictions.
  4. Bandwidth saturation.

    This can be resolved by limiting the bandwidth in the scenario.


When encountering these issues, you can often overcome them by changing the TCP buffer and chunk length parameters for replication. Below is a procedure to change this to the old defaults from previous XOSoft replication products.

Change The TCP settings in ws_rep.cfg

  1. Sign in to the device in question.
  2. Rename the file C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve RHA\Engine\ws_rep.cfg to ws_rep.cfg.backup
  3. Open the ws_rep.cfg file.
  4. In the XONET parameters section, locate the line:
    # TCPSendRecvBufferSize = 256K
  5. Copy this line and reproduce as follows:
  6. # TCPSendRecvBufferSize = 256K
    # TCPSendRecvBufferSize = 256K
  7. Edit the second line so that the buffer size is 64K and the # is removed as follows:
    # TCPSendRecvBufferSize = 256K
    TCPSendRecvBufferSize = 64K
  8. This changes the TCPBuffersize to 64k and maintains a duplicate that is commented out of the default for reference.
  9. Locate the setting:
    # Chunk length in bytes (default 64k)
    # ChunkLength = 64K
  10. Edit this to 4K and remove the comment as follows:
    # Chunk length in bytes (default 64k)
    ChunkLength = 4K
  11. Save the file.
  12. Restart the CA ArcServe RHA Engine service.