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KBA11003: Performance Issues Experienced with Remote Backup Manager

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Applicable Versions:

CA ARCserve D2D R16

Date Created/Updated:

June 21, 2012


Backup Manager uses the Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS) in order to create the disk image. As such environment factors may contribute to issues performing or restoring from backups. This is especially true when the root cause suggests a system performance issue.

Diagnosing System Resource Issues

If a failed backup is related to system performance, you will often see the following errors in the Backup logs or the system event logs:

  • Backup failed: GetVHDSector Failed (MS Error Code 1450)
  • 1450 Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
  • Event ID 2019, 2020 and Event ID 2021 messages may be generated by the Server service.

In addition, the following symptoms may exist

  • IIS begins refusing/dropping connections (for example, Exchange Active Sync or OWA)
  • Slow throughput during backup
  • High CPU/Memory utilization during the backup


The following solutions have been successful in resolving the symptoms described above in a number of instances. If you experience any of the above symptoms, we recommend the solution options that are described below. If issues continue to occur, contact SolarWinds MSP Technical Support at http://nrc.n-able.com or at 1-877-655-4689 for additional assistance.

We recommend that you consult with Microsoft and any stakeholders to ensure all risks are properly understood and mitigated prior to making changes on your device.

Solution 1: Implement MSKB 304101

Review the MSKB article found at the link provided below. Implementing these recommendations has resolved these issues in certain cases. Please review the MSKB to determine if this applies to your situation and implement the resolutions where appropriate.


Solution 2: Previous Shadow Copies on the Drive

If you are currently performing VSS shadow copies on the drive, this can cause high non-paged pool memory usage by the CA D2D drivers.

To diagnose this issue, perform the following command:

Vssadmin list shadows

If there are a large number of shadows, these can be removed using:

Vssadmin delete shadows /All

This will remove your previous shadow copies.

Additionally you should disable shadow copies on the drive.