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KBA11001: Backup Manager Profile Apply Failed

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N-central / D2D R16

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March 29, 2012


Backup Manager is an integration of CA ArcServe D2D R16 and SolarWinds N-central.

The backup configuration for Backup Manager is controlled through the use of Profiles. For more information on this, refer to Backup Manager Profiles and Installing Backup Manager.

When configured for installation, the Agent will download and install the CA ARCserve D2D Installation software.

Once installed, the Agent will then apply the Backup Manager Profile through a series of API calls provided by the CA ARCserve D2D application. When these API calls fail, the error messages "Failed to Apply Profile" or "Failed to Apply new Profile" will be reported in the Backup Manager Status Service.

This error indicates that the API call to save the D2D configuration failed and did not return an error message.

The following solution documents the reasons that this error can occur as well as how to troubleshoot the error.

Known Causes

This error can be caused by the following conditions:

Condition Resolution

The D2D Backup Destination directory is the same physical location as the File Copy Job source directory.

To resolve this issue, change either the D2D destination or the file copy source directory.

The File Copy Encryption settings are invalid.

To resolve this, validate the File Copy Encryption configuration.

You are taking over an existing D2D installation that is using CA ARCserve D2D R16 Update 5. Currently, CA ARCserve D2D R16 Update 5 is not supported for integration with SolarWinds N-central.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Uninstall CA ARCserve D2D.
  2. Re-install CA ARCserve D2D R16 Base.
  3. Integrate it with SolarWinds N-central.
  4. Once integrated, you can update to the latest supported version through SolarWinds N-central.

Uninstalling CA ARCserve D2D and reinstalling is likely to cause a new Full backup to be created in the destination location.

The D2D Backup Destination directory is the same physical location as the "File Copy Job" source directory.

To resolve this issue, simply change the D2D destination or the file copy source

The File Copy Encryption settings are invalid

To resolve this issue, validate the File Copy Encryption Settings.

The Agent has taken over an existing D2D installation that was configured to use a custom port. The D2D integration is only supported for the default port 8014.

To resolve this issue, reconfigure D2D to use port 8014.

Configured credentials do not provide sufficient administrative rights.

Backup Manager must be provided with administrative credentials in order to apply the Profile. These credentials are configured either in the Profile itself or on the Properties tab of the managed device. If the credentials are not configured correctly, Backup Manager Profile application will fail.

For example, the credentials may be incorrectly configured in a Domain environment as User: asmith and Password: AccountPassword. These may appear to be correct but are not as the computer will prefix the username with the PC Name (for example, Win7Laptop\asmith). This account will not exist on the target device and so the Profile application will fail. The configured credentials must include the domain in the Profile or on the Properties tab of the managed device. For example, User: N-able\asmith and Password: AccountPassword.

Re-configuring the credentials properly should resolve the issue within a few minutes.

Troubleshooting the Issue

If your situation does not match any of the known causes, you will need to troubleshoot the issue. To identify the exact setting in the Profile that has failed, perform the following:

Troubleshooting "Profile Apply Failed" Messages

  1. Log in to the device in question (either the Windows session or using Web Page remote control).
  2. Browse to: http://localhost:8014?location=backup . This will take you to the backup setting page in the D2D UI.
  3. In another browser, open the Backup Manager Profile in SolarWinds N-central.
  4. Review the Backup Manager Profile and apply those settings to the D2D Backup Settings page.

  5. If any of the settings display an error in the Backup Settings screen, this is likely the cause of the error.

  6. Edit your Backup Manager Profile to reflect the settings that will be allowed in D2D.

If this does not resolve your issue or if there are no errors when adding the settings, the next step is to enable Debug logging for the D2D web service. These logs will help SolarWinds MSP Technical Support to understand the cause of the issue and to resolve it.

Enabling Web Servie Debug Logging in D2D

  1. Locate the two log4j configuration files:
    • Configuration\log4j-webservice.properties
    • Configuration\log4j-webui.properties

    These two files are for controlling logs (only for Java) for the D2D web service and the SolarWinds N-central UI.

  2. Open the files in a viewer or editor application.
  3. Locate the following line: Log4j.category.com.ca.arcflash=INFO, logout

    This should be the first line of the file.

  4. Modify the line to read: Log4j.category.com.ca.arcflash=DEBUG, logout
  5. Restart the CA ARCserve D2D Web service.
  6. Reproduce the issue.
  7. Review the following logs:
    • C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\Logs
    • C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\TOMCAT\logs

If the solutions provided above do not resolve your issue, please contact SolarWinds MSP Technical Support at http://support.n-able.com, by email at mspsupport@solarwinds.com, or by telephone at 1-877-655-4689. Please be sure to include all logs and steps taken in your case submission.