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KBA20018: Re-Installing the "Windows Software Probe" Software: Activation Key Method

Knowledge Base Article #: 20018
Applicable Versions: N-central 6.7, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Date Created/Updated: April 27, 2011


For troubleshooting purposes or to resolve specific problems you may occasionally be required to reinstall the probe software. This method is to be used when you need to reinstall or relocate the probe software and would like to keep the services monitored by this probe.

  • NOTE: Do NOT delete the probe from N-Central. Deleting the probe will cause all tasks assigned to the probe to be deleted, losing any associated historical data.

To use this reinstallation method follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the N-Central Server User Interface (UI) and browse to the customer in question.
  2. Click Administration > Probes. (Figure 1)

  3. Figure 1: Setup Probes

    Figure 1: Setup Probes

  4. Click on the probe in question.
  5. Click on the System Communication tab. (Figure 2)

  6. Figure 2: System Communication Tab

    Figure 2: System Communication Tab

  7. Click on the WindowsProbeSetup.exe hyperlink (Figure 2).
  8. Save this to a local location to the system you are looking to reinstall the probe on.
    NOTE: If this is a probe relocation you will first need to uninstall the probe from the previous system. If this is a reinstallation on the same system or the original probe has already been removed please continue.
  9. Run the installation File. Follow the prompts on the installation until the point listed in figure 3.

  10. Figure 3: Probe Configuration

    Figure 3: Probe Configuration

  11. When the installation gets to the point detailed in Figure 3 please copy the activation key from the system communication tab (Figure 2) to the field in the Probe configuration (Figure 3)
  12. Enter in the proper proxy information if one is used.
  13. In the Credentials fields please enter a valid Domain administrator for the network this will be installed on. These credentials will need to be valid for proper probe based monitoring/management, and agent deployment. (Figure 4)

  14. Figure 4: Credential Configuration

    Figure 4: Credential Configuration

  15. Continue to follow the prompts as directed.

Once complete your probe is now installed. If you check back in your UI after a max of 30 minutes probe services should be reporting in and the probe status service should be listed as green.