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KBA20013: How to ghost a PC with a Windows Agent

Knowledge Base Article #: 20013
Applicable Versions: N-central 10.1 and later
Date Updated: July, 2017


This solution applies to cloning PCs within the same customer. SolarWinds N-central must be version 7.0 or higher.

  1. Create the customer in SolarWinds N-central.
  2. Select your service organization in the navigation tree and make note of the Access Code, this will be your CustomerID.
  3. Install the Windows Agent using the customer specific installation.
  4. Stop the Windows Agent Maintenance service.
  5. Stop the Windows Agent service.
  6. Edit the C:\Program Files\N-able Technologies\Windows Agent\config\ApplianceConfig.xml file with Notepad.
  7. <ApplianceID>-1</ApplianceID>
    <CustomerID>use the value from step 2</CustomerID>
  8. Save the file.
  9. If your SolarWinds N-central version is 10.1 or higher, run the following commands (Administrative Command prompt Required):
  10. "C:\Program Files (x86)\N-able Technologies\Windows Agent\bin\NcentralAssetTool.exe –d"
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\BeAnywhere Support Express\GetSupportService_N-Central\uninstall.exe /S"
    "Delete %programdata%\N-Able Technologies\Windows Agent\Config"
    "Delete %programdata%\N-Able Technologies\Windows Software Probe\Config"
  11. The PC is now ready to be 'ghosted'.
  12. The 'ghosted' PCs will self register with the Customer ID specified above when they are first booted.

This also works to correct devices that were cloned from an image that did not use these steps.