N-central Help

Activate SolarWinds N-central

Your SolarWinds N-central server includes an initial 30-day activation, enabling you to start your deployment immediately.

After 30 days you will need to activate SolarWinds N-central to be able to log in to the server.

Before activating SolarWinds N-central, ensure that TCP ports 22, 80, 443, and, 10000 are accessible to the server over the Internet and your SolarWinds N-central server has a publicly accessible IP address.

Contact SolarWinds MSP to activate your SolarWinds N-central server using the Self Service Portal at http://www.n-able.com/support or by calling1-866-302-4689 in North America or 00 800 6225 3000 internationally.

After activation, you will receive an email from SolarWinds MSP with your Company ID and additional information and instructions.

To purchase licenses for SolarWinds N-central features, contact your Channel Sales representative (CS). You can look up your CS and their contact information in the N-able Resource Center under My Account. You can also send an email to n-able-salesgroup@solarwinds.com.

During the initial 30-day period, some features of your SolarWinds N-central server will not be available, including:

  • branding,
  • server backups,
  • uploading custom services, and
  • integration with Report Manager.

Until activation, SolarWinds N-central has the following limits:

  • 500 Essential licenses,
  • 500 Professional licenses,
  • 20 customers/sites,
  • 5 mobile devices,
  • 1 service organization,
  • 50 probes,
  • 100 Essential Mode Patch Management licenses, and
  • 100 third party patch management licenses.